DiverseCity Ventures accelerates positive social, economic, and / or environmental impact through entrepreneurship. We do through two primary vehicles:


1.) DiverseCity Ventures LLC, an impact-oriented venture capital firm, which invests primarily in pre-seed technology-driven companies with large addressable markets, product-market fit, a dynamic founding team, and high probability of outsized returns.

2.) DiverseCity Ventures Inc., a non-profit arm, which fosters collaboration within the innovation economy while training, incubating, and supporting early stage entrepreneurs. We advise pre-seed and seed-staged companies and strive to close the funding gap that disproportionately disadvantages under-represented founders.

Mariah Lichtenstern

Founding Partner


  • Experienced Operator

  • Aspen Institute Tech Policy Fellow

  • Public Speaker / Thought Leader

  • Formerly FINRA licensed

  • Pitchbook: 27 Black Founders and Investors to Watch in 2019

  • Crunchbase: 39 Black Women In Venture Capital Inspiring a New Generation of Investors

  • NAWBO 2019 Innovator of the Year

Innovation thrives where diverse perspectives intersect.

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Innovation thrives where diverse perspectives intersect. Diversity is more than optics or checking a box. It's not about finding people who look different, but think the same. It's about shunning group-think and embracing diverse perspectives. Diversity is not something you can assign or outsource. Diversity without inclusion leads to a revolving door of frustration. Capitalizing on diverse perspectives requires being able to accepting the discomfort of cognitive dissonance that comes with challenged and disproven assumptions. Regardless of gender, ethnicity, persuasion, proclivity, or point of view, diversity includes you


Our advisory committee is comprised of individuals who bring unique knowledge, skills,  and insights to DiverseCity Ventures' board of directors. Advisors contribute technical expertise and help to ensure effective planning. They offer fresh perspectives on programmatic issues while serving as advocates, ambassadors, and liaisons to relevant constituencies,

Other activities may include speaking engagements, leading or serving on committees , monitoring and strengthening of programs and services, ensuring adequate financial resources, and enhancing our impact.


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